Minimalist Dresser: $4800 (50"W x 40"H x 15.5"D) 

dresser 2.jpg

A dresser is a very functional bedroom piece that has needed some dimensional adjustments for some time.  Standard dresser dimensions are 60"W x 30"H x 20"D which can be intrusive in a room. These dimensions are also aesthetically unpleasing and not ergonomically functional.  


dresser 6.JPG

There are several main reasons for this design change. I increased the height from the standard 30" to the new 40" to minimize the user from bending over to access the top of the dresser and the top drawers.  The height increase coupled with the width decrease of 10" lends itself nicely to a more aesthetically proportional piece.  As for the depth decrease, I feel a 20" deep dresser protrudes out into a room too much and has deeper then necessary drawers.  My shortened depth allows for a 14" deep drawer which is the perfect depth for one row of clothing which keeps your drawer more organized. 

dresser 9.JPG

When I talk about my work being Minimalist, part of what I mean is less pieces/parts involved in the final product.  Look over to the drawers on the left and notice the dovetail joinery that holds the face of the drawer to the Maple wood drawer sides.  Most drawers are made with the face being an additional part that is screwed on after the drawers are installed to ensure an exact line up with the reveal (space between each drawer) as well as hide drawer slides.  Here I have eliminated an extra part, but at the same time created a more difficult piece to build.  All drawers have to be installed at the exact location with no room for error or the 1/4" reveal wont be equal throughout the piece.  I also used undermount soft-close drawer slides to add to the beauty and function of the piece.