Custom bed pricing starts at $4200

Custom bed pricing starts at $4200


The bed being the focal point in the room needs to have a uniformity of clean lines to create a feeling of comfort.  Here is a queen size bed made of Rustic Cherry with crushed turquoise filling the knots and voids in the wood.  This design pulls from Shaker and Mid-Century designs but is taken a step further toward minimalism.  


There are only four fasteners used to hold this bed together.  No screwing or bolting is needed to assemble/unassemble this piece.  The bed rails are attached using historic style solid cast iron male/female bed rail fasteners.  This is not an area that can be overlooked or skimped on in any way.  These four connection points are a huge part of how solid the bed is. Each female part of the fasteners are hand routed into the  headboard and foot-board to a precise depth.  This ensures a tight connection between the head/foot-boards and the side rails of the bed.


Most bed support slatting is made of solid wood running face up from bedrail to bedrail. Solid wood planks are not meant to support a load in that orientation due to the nature of the material.  It gives and bows in this orientation, and that allows for movement of the mattress when shifting in bed.  The proper way to support a mattress is to run the slats on edge and have each slat be at least 3" wide.  My slatting system creates an ultra ridgid platform for the mattress to eliminate any movement within the bed.